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Brand New Books + Discounted Rates?


That's a recipe for guilt-free enjoyment of your favorite authors' worlds. 

At OwlCornerShop, we know that the best form of self-care is shelf care. A book subscription box is a perfect way to treat yourself and curate your library. With pre-selected books delivered directly to your home, finding your next favorite read has never been easier.


It's simple to get started: Choose your genre, open your box, and clear your schedule! This is a pick-me-up you won't be able to put down.

We know you have a lot of book subscription boxes to choose from. That's why OwlCornerShop takes the time to learn your taste and deliver carefully packaged page-turners with you, specifically, in mind. Consider it your personal book club in a box — join us today! 

Pile Of Books
  • Why is a book subscription a good idea?
    There's no worse feeling than finishing a great book and not knowing where to turn next. Book subscriptions allow you to affordably build your home library with recommendations tailored exactly to your tastes. The only thing better than opening up your box is opening the story inside!
  • How many books will I receive a month ?
    The standard subscription includes one book per month, while the kid's box includes two. More recommendations are always available on our website when you're in need of a new adventure!
  • Will I like the books chosen?
    We hope so! Our team works hard to bring you an unmatched mix of new releases, emerging authors, and beloved books. Before your box ships, we'll send you an email letting you know what book has been chosen for you. We will also provide a substitute choice if you've already read our first pick or are uninterested. If you love both, that's even better! We'd be happy to add the additional book to your order.
  • What if I need a break from the subscription ?
    In a perfect world, we'd be able to read all the time. We understand that life can get busy and you might need to slow down the shipments. You can easily pause your subscription or cancel your membership at any time.
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