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About Us

"Mailing out adventures"

We created what would become Owl Corner Store in 2020. We found that the recent pandemic was isolating to many of our loved friends and family. In an effort to send joy and comfort in this time of great isolation, we started creating gifts that would provide an experience. Not just an item that would be forgotten soon after it arrived.

We found that monthly mailings of a new book were something that the recipients would eagerly look forward to. They enjoyed having a pre-chosen book of their favorite genre arrive without any hassle on their part. Just unwrap, pour some tea, and enjoy!

It is said that a reader lives a thousand lives and we hope that you can join us on this journey. 

We are 100% women-owned with a vision to support the next generation in all of our efforts. A 3% of all profits will go to benefit Girls.Inc. A charity program that partners with schools to empower girls to be confident and to take on leadership roles.

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